Heather in Senegal

Monday, May 22, 2006

May 12,
Today was swearing in. It was a big ceremony at Ebbits Field in Dakar, overlooking the ocean. We all wore Senegalese outfits, and when we walked as a group it looked to me like a rainbow of marbles rolling along. The clothing is very loose and brightly colored. I wore purple with pink and blue embroidery. Each person in my stage was called to the podium to receive a paper, like a diploma. For once I was the flamboyant one. I ran up to the stage pumping my fists in the air in triumph, and on my way back to my seat I blew kisses to the everyone. I've never had the nerve to do more than quietly walk and shake hands at prior ceremonies, so I was pleased with my nerve. Surprisingly, wuite a few admin folks later said sincerely that they had appreciated my enthusiasm. After the ceremony we went to a pool. On the bus ride home we danced in the aisles.


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