Heather in Senegal

Monday, May 22, 2006

May 1,
Last weekend I biked with friends about 75 kilometers round trip to a beach. The wonderful Tom, my mate in the talent show, coordinated directions, the renting of a house on the water, and food. The location was perfect. Nothing seperated our porch from the beach. I spent a lot of time just watching the waves, and later at night, lying on my back stargazing with friends. We named a few new constellations in our honor. A chef among us orchestrated a beautiful meal which, because it’s easiest to buy and use simple ingredients, was entirely vegan. The house provided a small stereo, so we spent most of the night on the porch with music, cards, and the sound of waves. Meanwhile, someone removed our bathroom window and snuck into our house. Nothing was taken or noticeably disturbed, but one girl did see him run out of our compound, and hours later, while I was flossing in the bathroom, I saw him looking in the gaping hole of a window. We were all careful to lock our doors that night.


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